Customised solutions as per your requirements

Individual tailor-made products

Order customised versions according to your requirements: from pre-assembly to engineering services. And take advantage of the optimal solution.

Individual tailor-made productsUpon your request, we can send you our catalogue products – sensors, systems and accessories – perfectly adapted to your specific requirements and individually designed. Our range extends from pre-assembly to engineering services – via complex programming or purely in-house changes. Thus, we are entirely oriented to your specifications. And can propose the best solutions for your application.

The basis is our quick and transparent feasibility assessment. For this purpose, we ascertain your requirements, evaluate them and establish whether or not they can be satisfied with standard products. Now you can yourself decide what is best for you. Even test samples are possible, if required. The release for the start of series is always your call.

Commissioning becomes faster through pre-assembled products adjusted to the application. And test runs with technical disruptions are now history. This not only increases the efficiency of your plant. It also reduces your load, so that you have more time for your core business.

The advantages
- Quick and transparent feasibility assessment
- Solution for your application
- Customised products ensure competitive advantage for you.
- Compromises are no longer required.
- Reduces your load, so that you have more time for your core business.

- Extending the housing of a BHS high-pressure resistant inductive sensor
- Extra threads for the housing cover of a BTL micropulse travel sensor
- Customer-specific holder for a RFID data medium
- Adaptation of the characteristics for BAW analog sensors