Individually configurable software for industrial RFID

Define features specifically for your customers. And guarantee an individual range of applications.

industrial RFID

Template and portal software for BIS RFID hand-held devices and the Visual Builder for desktop machines provide machine builders and system manufacturers with the opportunity to make individual solutions available to their customers.

Template software for mobile applications

  • Real-time information via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is password-protected against unauthorised access
  • Intuitive operation thanks to a menu design that has been adapted to the workflows
  • Data interpretation in plain text thanks to an ASCII code display

Each version provides a specific performance spectrum that you can adapt to your customers' requirements. Individual user interfaces and different features guarantee you customer proximity. At the same time, the software can be reused.

Portal software for mobile applications

The portal software offers the same features as the template version, but also many more advantages

  • Overcome media breaks – by reading barcodes and writing to RFID
  • Compare data – using the query function
  • Everything in view: Fast data search using the search function
  • Special templates for all types of information
  • Manual exchange with databases that also communicate in XML
  • Save data in XML or CSV files for further applications

Visual Builder for fixed solutions

  • Generate different templates
  • Develop applications without requiring knowledge of programming
  • Different license models for your customers


industrial RFID


Customised software for industrial RFID

If you want data communication to be optimally tailored to your requirements and processes using RFID, an individual software solution is required. This is because standard software covers a broad application spectrum, whereas specific tasks require a customised solution.

We therefore program software for mobile and fixed applications according to your specifications. Because, with individually tailored software, data is processed at a speed and with the flexibility that is most economical for you. The user interface also offers the highest level of practicability. Opt for customised software – and increased efficiency.


  Mobile applications Fixed applications
Template Portal Customising Visual Builder Customising
Read barcodes      
Compare data      
Password function    
Write data to and read from a tag    
Search function      
Save and transfer data to hand-held devices    
Save and export data as XML or CSV files      
Template based on Windows™ interface (second software application on an external PC)    
Availability of different templates  
Display data in a customer-specific context
Acoustic signal when the process is complete
Wi-Fi connection        
Process status displayed with a green, yellow and red light  



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