Tool ID Upgrade

Tool ID Upgrade – retrofitting from a single source

Retrofit your machinery. And increase your operating profit.

Tool ID Upgrade – retrofitting from a single source

Tool ID Upgrade is a complete solution to retrofit tool identification on existing machines. This comprehensive package with an industrial RFID system creates the optimum interface between the programmer and machine control. It is suitable for all common technology. The system can be implemented for most control systems, including Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc or Mazak, for example. If you work with a different manufacturer, please get in touch. Each solution will be tailored to your individual requirements.

The Balluff Tool ID Upgrade ensures optimum tool utilisation and high machine availability in modern manufacturing processes. This results from the fact that each tool can be reliably identified, tracked and managed. It guarantees maximum use and provides the best possible added value. Benefit from perfect tool identification.

The following features provide you with process optimisation and process reliability:

  • Reliable transmission of tool parameters
  • Correct machine assignment by importing into the tool magazine
  • Visual display of the tool data on the screen
  • Fast retrofit times through automation
  • Optimum tool utilisation

Hardware box system description

  • Panel PC with touchscreen
  • RFID reader with a serial interface from the BIS C series
  • 24 V voltage supply for the reader and panel PC
  • Holder for the installation

Hardware: Tool holder, e.g. for HSK, ISO

  • Mechanical holder for the tools
  • Holder for the read/write head
  • Read/write head from the BIS C series
  • Holder for the installation
  • Cabling

Choose according to your required scope of performance, and also benefit from simple integration. Use the powerful industrial RFID systems to identify tools.

Pre-installed with an option for the relevant control


  • Fitting the tool holder and boxes to each machine
  • Configuring the reader
  • Connecting to the relevant control
  • Commissioning individual machines
  • Testing and validating functionality
  • Joint acceptance of the installation

Training and tuition

  • Creating specific documents
  • Your authorised personnel will be trained in how to operate the system


Tool ID Upgrade – retrofitting from a single source



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