ReeR – EOS2 XS – XM – XS2

ReeR – EOS2 XS – XM – XS2

Master/Slave models with built-in control functions

Master, Slave models permit series connection of up to three light curtains and combined detection of hand and presence of a person or of more sides of the machine, with the following major benefits:

  • A single pair of safety outputs
  • No interference between light curtains installed adjacent to one another

Integrated selectable manual or automatic Start/Restart.

Degree of protection IP 65 – IP 67
Operating temperature (°C) -30 … 55
Power supply (VDC) 24 ± 20%
Response time (ms) See the technical manual
Signalling LEDs for light curtains status and diagnostic
Safety outputs 2 PNP – 400mA at 24 VDC with protection against short circuit, overload and reverse polarity
Height of controlled area (mm) 160 … 2260
Operating Range (m) 0 … 4 low range
0 … 12 high range
With automatic Start/Restart
With built-in control functions
EOS2 XS - XM - XS2
Master/Slave models whit built-in control functions
Watertight enclosure, Food Graded, IP 69K Certified

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