MXJB Connection boxes

The MXJB connection boxes are accessory devices designed for quick, reliable connection of Vision MXL light curtains and to ensure that major operating controls needed for operation are available in the guarded area.

  • Lighted button Light curtain Start/Restart with green LED for indicating output status and weak signal
    Key selector Control of the override function
    Indicator lamp Muting function active
    Connector Connection the light curtain emitter and receiver.
    M23 19-pole for receiver.
    M12 5-pole for receiver.
    Internal terminal blocks for cable connections
    Dip switches Configuration of light curtain functions
    Safety relay 2 Built-in with guided contacts driven and controlled by the light curtain.
    MXJB1: 2 N.O. 2A 250 VAC
    MXJB3: 2 N.O. + 1 N.C. 2A 250 VAC
    Selector For connection of external Muting lamp.
    For internal or external relay control
    Electrical connection Through cable gland

    Versions without Start/Restart and Override commands for connection with Janus J light curtain without Muting.

    • 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)”
    • 2006/95/EC “Low Voltage Directive (LVD)”
    • UL (C+US) mark for USA and Canada.
  • All MJB connection boxes can work with any kind of Vision MXL light curtain.

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