ReeR – Watertight Safety Light Curtains

ReeR – Watertight Safety Light Curtains

Su geçirmez muhafazalar, ışık perdeleri ve ışık ızgaralarının su ve buharla sert çalışma ortamlarında kullanılmasına izin verir.

The products protected by WT cases are capable of resisting to water jets under pressure IP 69K protection rate.

The WT housings furthermore comprise a valid mechanical protection of the light curtain.

H version (Heated) has a thermostatically-controlled heating system and can work down to -25°C.

F version with use of inert and non-toxic components allow WTF and WTHF enclosures to be used in the Food & Beverage industry, where frequent washdown procedures are requested.


WT / WTH - IP 67

Admiral vision Watertight enclosures


EOS4 and EOS2 watertight enclosures

79 Ratio Agency