ReeR – EOS2 A

ReeR – EOS2 A

EOS2 A – With automatic Start/Restart

Two safety PNP static outputs, auto-controlled.

All connections and configurations through M12 5-pole connectors.

Start/Restart interlock and EDM through extern al AD SR1 interface.

Muting function through external AD SRM interface.

The ideal light curtain for straightforward interfacing with safety modules (i.e. ADSR1) or safetty PLCs (i.e. MOSAIC).

Degree of protection IP 65 – IP 67
Operating temperature (°C) -30 … 55
Power supply (VDC) 24 ± 20%
Response time (ms) 2.5 … 18,5
Signalling LEDs for light curtains status and diagnostic
Safety outputs 2 PNP – 400mA at 24 VDC with protection against short circuit, overload and reverse polarity
Height of controlled area (mm) 160 … 2260
Operating Range (m) 0 … 4 low range
0 … 12 high range
With automatic Start/Restart
With built-in control functions
EOS2 XS - XM - XS2
Master/Slave models whit built-in control functions
Watertight enclosure, Food Graded, IP 69K Certified

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